The greatest athletes and professionals all start with a dream. Courage and hunger
set the stage for success as goals are developed and cultivated.


Confidence grows with every win and one positive
moment can set the stage for a flourish of successes.
Stress management and emotional regulation is the key to victory.


Whether it be in the boardroom or on the field,
mastery of a craft requires hard work and discipline.
Honing mental stamina with proven tools yields a sharp mind and intellect.

CLPC performance consultants and coaches provide a platform for aspiring people to grow, achieve and excel in the areas of sport performance and professional excellence. With a process rooted heavily in the positive psychological foundations of Carl Rogers and the strength-based, client centered model of Alfred Adler, CLPC performance consultants inspire confidence and success in clients. Working with CLPC, clients will overcome challenges and move towards their desired goals and aspirations.







The CLPC 6 Step Model

1. IDENTIFY the challenge
2. CREATE a plan through a
3. POSITIVE process
4. ACTIVATE change
5. SUPPORT growth
6. ACHIEVE excellence


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