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Are zoos harming these animals by keeping them caged up, or are they helping conserve animals on the brink of extinction? So like it or lump it, let’s make those visits worthwhile. The California condor, black-footed ferret, Guam rail, Scimitar horned oryx, and the red wolf are a few of the many animals that would be extinct if it wasn’t for zoos. So the best way to influence the zoo experience is to be a discerning customer. The zoo generates 70% of its revenue from zoo visits and contributions. Its not just because that puzzle piece has it’s spirit broken and becomes institutionalized, its because the rest of the puzzle needs that missing piece.This “puzzle” you are referring to is actually quite broken and humans are the reason to blame. Fortunately, there’s But here’s the most important point: If you want to see the biggest most exciting mammals, then you really should go to the wild – your experience would be all the richer for it. As you’ve seen, it depends a lot on what zoo you’re talking about. Also, the vast majority of animals you see in zoos were not only born in captivity themselves, but their parents and grandparents were as well so they would not know how to survive out in the wild. About two-thirds of them were actually strong enough to survive in the wild [source: Encarta].Zoos may not even benefit people as much as once thought. In addition to providing residence to animals, zoos create jobs and tourism opportunities that generate revenue for the local community. 3. Humans have kept wild animals for thousands of years. Interested in expeditions and adventure? (ZOOS/ANIMAL WELFARE) For centuries people have flocked to zoos to see wild animals up close. London Zoo work “A few years ago Los Angeles Zoo spent $42 million on a new, six-acre enclosure for Asian elephants…” meanwhile… “…at many zoos, Boyle says, only 1 percent of the budget goes to conservation. For many endangered animals that meant a journey of captivity and abuse to dinner plates. Friday, August 14, 2020 But, the animals were well loved and well cared for otherwise. Although the natural-looking habitats are certainly more attractive, people like David Hancocks, a zoo consultant and former zoo director, describe them as mere illusions, arguing that they’re not much of an improvement in terms of space [source: Lemonick]. Animals (like bee’s for example) are here to do specific jobs, to ensure the survival of other life forms, they are not here for our entertainment. Now, I’ve never worked in a zoo, but I do believe in balance – in seeing both sides of an argument. So I’m very happy to advocate I thought I’d take the chance to highlight some of the things I think they could do better – starting with the very arguments used against them.Yep, captivity is certainly cruel to an extent. This response is not meant to start a fight or argument, but a hope that you may open up and see all of the amazing things zoos and aquariums so for animals. In general, zoos are downsizing in the variety of animals (the Noah’s Ark model) and giving attention and space to fewer, more specialized exhibits. There are a lot of stories that will make you lose a little faith in your fellow …

Are we right to use animals as objects of entertainment?From the welfare point of view it is wrong to keep an animal in a zoo if the animal has a less pleasant life than it would have outside the zoo.Reasons why people think keeping animals in zoos is bad for their welfare:There is more to treating animals in an appropriate way than keeping them healthy: It's possible (and used to be common) for zoos to keep animals in perfect physical shape, but in conditions that cause the animals to display serious behavioural problems.But where a zoo is keeping animals in order to preserve a species that is under threat in the wild, and treats its animals in an appropriate way, then this is morally acceptable from the welfare point of view.Some animal activists argue that the conservation argument is flawed. Later, in early 13th-century England, Henry III moved his family’s royal menagerie to the Tower of London for public viewing. Nature is a symbiotic puzzle humans do not understand, they start removing pieces from the puzzle and then the puzzle falls apart. If you want to see animals, you should go see them in the wild. Let’s start with the good news.Zoos have improved significantly in the last 4,000 or so years. Gone are the old steel-bar enclosures and cold cement cages. Every year, millions of people go on safaris, board whale-watching cruises and watch Jeff Corwin get attacked by snakes on Animal Planet; others drive to their localzoo for a full day of animal gazing.This interest in animals is nothing new: Zoos have been entertaining people with exotic animal collections as far back as 1250 B.C.

Nearby, in Germany, is the world's largest animal collection: Zoo Berlin (formerly The Berlin Zoological Gardens) houses more than 15,000 animals from almost 1,700 species [source: Encarta].

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