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Get your barber to do the first one so it is even and lines are sharp. Almost a buzz cut but not quite.

This interesting detail makes the haircut a unique one. The Recon haircut is similar in a way to a Mohawk haircut in that the landing strip makes for a pseudo crest, thus the High and Tight Recon haircut serves as an intimidating haircut when engaging in battle, and it is one of the most convenient The difference between a conventional High and Tight haircut and a High and Tight Recon haircut is that, as mentioned earlier, tTo recap all of the above, these are the hair lengths to get for your Reco haircut:These are some more pictures of the High and Tight Recon haircut so you can get some inspiration. Is it ok going #0 for back and sides and #4 on top?Some 3 or 4 inches for a landing strip as long as it is above the crown and you are good to go. I am wanting to go higher this Summer. Yeah, the recon high and tight haircut doesn’t come with an attitude. What is usually size for landing stripe?

Source. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Many of the "recon" cuts I have seen posted on this and other sites have simply been higher "high and tights", not the "recon" look. The "recon" is a more severe variation of the flattop than of the typical "high and tight." I haven’t had my sides and back shaved that high before.Apologies for the lateness in my reply as the comments were sent to the spam folder.How was your High and Tight? #8: Marine Style High and Tight Haircut. More so for men who just can’t be bothered to groom and style their hair in the mornings.I love my high and tight with shaved sides and back. This version has higher boundaries, with the only hair present starting well above the crown of the head. [citation needed] I did Recon a few weeks ago. And also link to it so more men can learn from this awesome military haircut that the My girl cuts my hair she always gives me a high and tight love it.Fred, Thanks for your comments on the high and tight and the high and tight recon haircuts. Recon. This is a "recon" haircut!

Thank You. #1: Dark High and Tight

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A hair clipper length of a #4 on the top and a #0 on the sides and back is a good haircut.Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.My name is Fred and I'm an Army veteran, former military barber and now civilian barber who specializes in short hair and who wants to dedicate this blog to our brave men and women defending worldwide democracy. The high and tight is a classic barbershop cut that’s a variant of the buzz cut.For decades, it’s been widely seen on the heads of men in the military, and it’s also found its way into civilian life.It’s one of the shortest men’s hairstyles available that still retains a distinct characteristic and isn’t a flat out buzz cut. A smart combination between a soldier and a rock star. One of the goals of this blog is to bring you the military life seen from the perspective I had.The High and Tight is one of the coolest military haircuts any men can do and have.

It’s a great haircut. Probably tell the barber to than the temples and crown.

Make sure that you still have sharp edges around the hair on the top, similar to mason jar heads. #9: Waves with Shaved Sides Marine Haircut 6. This is why the high and tight cut is also known as a jarhead haircut. Don’t know why I waited so long. The haircut itself is simple as the sides and back are clipped very short while a little bit of length is left at the top. The "recon" can also be cut short on the top to incorporate the look of the horseshoe flattop. That haircut and the High & Tight are the best mens haircuts. More guys should try it.Still have #2 recon with whitewalls. High and Tight Haircut Description and Ideas. I am talking of both military men and civilians.I did Recon with shaved sides no regrets.

A V shaped design is created by using a razor from the temple to the sides.

Some very minimal blending is fine with the high and tight haircut. But do not turn the high and tight into a high fade haircut. The high and tight haircut is most likely among the simplest hairstyles for guys to get and maintain.

The high and tight haircut is just another favorite short haircuts for men. It comes with a mission. Joe GleasonThanks Joe and thanks for passing by! What to ask for: that military high and tight, sniper look.

Because one of my specialties are military haircuts, mostly the High and Tight haircut, I want to approach this blog from a barber perspective and how the military haircuts have played a role in military life.As a military veteran, I have experienced first hand the bonding and loyalty that military life encourages. Glad I did it. If you’re in the mood for an edgy new haircut, check out the styles below. Best haircut I have had.How do you like it? Known as the high and tight, this haircut is best described as faded or totally shaved on the sides and back with a longer, yet generally short, portion of hair on the top. The name is a reference to the haircut's association with You can keep the sides shaved and top trimned after that.Went with the Recon (#1 hair clipper length) on the top with shaved sides.I’d like try recon, already had High and Tight. Glad to know that there are others that love these haircuts too. High and Tight Recon haircut. Saves a lot of time in the morning,Ted, glad you stil have your Recon, my friend! Yes, I just want this site to be a resource for the High and Tight and Recon as haircuts that can be used by civilians too. The High and Tight can be styled in a classic hairstyle or brushed up, but, altogether, the haircut remains clipped short and functional. Too many young men are too crazy about the Undercut and other trendy haircuts when we have military-graded haircuts like the High and Tight that not only are low maintenance but actually look good and make a man look manlier.Apologies for the late reply as the comments were being sent to the spam folder for some unknown reason to do with WordPress.

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