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I think Daniel Farrands did have a follow-up planned, or at least drawn up from his original script (which, from what I've heard was v... Ook bij Michael zou na deze film snel zijn aftakeling beginnen. Myers escapes from the Illinois state hospital hijacking the car meant for his court date transfer. Movies. He has every reason to believe Michael will return home, so he urges that the police watch out for him Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is a 1988 horror film and the fourth installment in the Halloween film series. Loomis's history is complicated by the fact that the series follows several conflicting continuities. Loomis continues walking towards Haddonfield when he is picked up by Reverend Jackson P. Sayer, a preacher who claims to be hunting evil and Armageddon. They find Jamie unharmed and help her back to the front while Michael slips away unnoticed. Jamie Lloyd, Michael's niece, and the daughter of Laurie Strode, who was killed nearly a year prior along with Jamie's father in a car crash, has been adopted by the Carruthers family including Richard, Darlene, and their daughter Rachel. The late night scenes caused issues with the cast. The two girls reconcile shortly thereafter when Rachel promises to take Jamie for ice cream later that day. De kills stellen niet al te veel voor en spannend wordt het ook niet echt (afgezien van de finale). en zo gaat het maar door dan met jamie lee curtis dan weer zonder ik vond de eerste en tweede film goed maar net als de anderen films uit die soorten komen ze telkens weer met een nieuwe. Wanneer je deze, als ook andere ingevoegde media op de site wilt zien, dan moet je hier even toestemming voor geven.Met het tonen hiervan wordt er mogelijk door een andere partij cookies geplaatst en/of wordt je ip-adres geregistreerd, zonder dat MovieMeter hier invloed op heeft. Not realizing his gun is empty, Loomis fires an empty chamber, and Michael angrily stabs him in his stomach, causing Loomis to collapse. [encounters the Shape in gas station]  Wynn, along with an old neighbor of the Myers family, had placed the Thorn Curse on Michael on the night he killed Judith. Unbeknownst to any of them, Michael is already in the house. Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) keert terug en wil Michael koste wat kost stoppen. After Michael slaughters many officers in the police station, a group led by When Loomis turns out to be right and Michael does arrive, he tries to reason with himBloch is ordered to take Jamie to the police station but he is stopped by Loomis, who knows Michael would still come to the house. Character Name: Samuel Loomis Known aliases: Doctor Loomis Gender: Male Location: Warren County, Illinois Known Relatives: Jonathan Loomis (father) Charlene Loomis (mother) Birth: March 13, 1922 Death: October 1996 Portrayed By: Donald Pleasence First Appearance: Halloween Dr. Samuel Loomis is a character and protagonist in the Halloween franchise. Loomis continues to cry hysterically as Jamie again holds the scissors up, having become possessed by the same evil as Michael. en in deze film is het een klein meisje dat buit is voor michael en zoals steeds is er niemand tegen hem opgewassen. While Jamie is about to try on her costume she has another hallucination of Michael as a young boy while looking in the mirror. Dit deel kwam in een tijd dat collega’s Jason en Freddy op hun hoogtepunt zaten en eigenlijk stiekem al een beetje aan hun retour begonnen. Miachl Myers Goodat Lucas Harrington Hi Night Hosme Halloween Series Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. On Halloween night, Jamie goes out trick and treating, little knowing that her murdering Uncle is following her and her step-sister Rachel. en jamie lee curtis mag dan op haar oude dag ook nog ens tegen michael myers beginne. Dit is wel echt weer de sfeer van in de eerste Halloween film. His last attempt to fight ends with Michael breaking Brady's hand before lifting him off the ground by his neck which is then crushed in his grasp. 1:21. De film kwam zes jaar na Halloween 3, een film waar fans destijds boos over waren, omdat hun favoriete William Shatner-masker dragende seriemoordenaar ontbrak. Meeker is initially furious at him for inciting the men but relents when he realizes that with most of his department dead they are the only line of defense that the town now has.

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