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Akkad said, "I just went back to the basics of When I first saw the original, I was dating a girl and took her to a theater in Boston to see it. [after all the cops at the station are slaughtered]

Loomis saves Laurie, shooting several bullets into Michael, who falls off of the balcony.When the psychiatrist finally arrives in Michael's hometown, he seeks the help of Haddonfield Memorial Cemetery's grave keeper. He then tries using it as a melee weapon to no avail and is easily disarmed. Rushing to her aid is Dr. Loomis and with the help of Sheriff Meeker starts to search the town for Michael and to find Jamie to protect her. Miachl Myers Goodat Lucas Harrington Hi Night Hosme Halloween Series Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Loomis, seeing Michael standing in the kitchen, pleads with him not to go to Haddonfield. Michael wil Jamie vermoorden en richt op weg naar zijn ultieme slachtoffer een moorddadig spoor door het eens zo rustige stadje. His plan is to return to his hometown of Loomis is on Michael's trail for the entire date of October 31. He was buried at In the Final Timeline, (which ignores the 4-6 and H20 timelines), Loomis stopped being Michael's doctor following the killer's apprehension in 1978. The following year Loomis gave a record statement claiming that Michael should be killed as there was no point in keeping him alive. en jamie lee curtis mag dan op haar oude dag ook nog ens tegen michael myers beginne.

They are met outside by the truckers where Earl at first wants to enter the school to kill Myers but is convinced the best thing to do is leave. Omdat Jamie's ouders inmiddels dood zijn, is ze geadopteerd door de familie Carruthers. Jamie Lloyd, Michael's niece, and the daughter of Laurie Strode, who was killed nearly a year prior along with Jamie's father in a car crash, has been adopted by the Carruthers family including Richard, Darlene, and their daughter Rachel. Meanwhile, Rachel's parents ask her to take Jamie out trick-or-treating that night. 2:24.

Afterward, he retires and moves to a quiet hut on the outskirts of Haddonfield. Vooral halloween en friday the 13th.en zeker ook nog meer die ik leuk vind.dit deel was in iedergeval weer geweldig.Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers blijft één van de beste vervolgfilms uit de Halloween reeks. Loomis attempts to shoot her, but is disarmed by Meeker who, along with Rachel and Richard, look upon Jamie in horror.

was that the boogeyman?Michael Myers en dr. Loomis zijn weer terug, slechts wat schrammetjes overgehouden aan hun avontuurLet op! After arriving in town, Loomis goes to the police station looking for Sheriff Brackett, but is told that he retired in 1981 and moved to Florida. There he lives a solitary, almost hermit lifestyle, choosing not to interact with other people. The final verdict determines his freedom or further confinement.

During most of the night scenes, Donald Pleasence became so cold that he wore a hat for most of the scenes, unbeknownst to the crew. Tommy tells him to meet him at the campus rally the next night to discuss what to do next.

The front door is locked with a deadbolt and Brady attempts to shoot the lock out only to discover that the door is made of metal which means without the key they are trapped. He tells Michael that "it's time" and proceeds to blow himself up with Michael. As they approach the main gate at the sanitarium, they notice that the patients are wandering about, and Loomi… Wanneer je deze, als ook andere ingevoegde media op de site wilt zien, dan moet je hier even toestemming voor geven.Met het tonen hiervan wordt er mogelijk door een andere partij cookies geplaatst en/of wordt je ip-adres geregistreerd, zonder dat MovieMeter hier invloed op heeft. Michael also survived the explosion but also suffered serious burns as a result.Loomis fears Jamie is consumed with rage like her uncleUnlike last time, Meeker and the rest of the police believe him. The truck carrying Rachel and Jamie drives out of Haddonfield for the next town over, to meet with the Following the night's events, Loomis and Meeker take both girls home, where they are met and consoled by Richard and Darlene. However, Loomis survives but is severely burned, left to walk with a pronounced limp (possibly due to either the burns to his leg or the stab wound to the stomach) and wearing gloves to hide the scars on his hands. He tells Tommy to stay put while he takes care of things.

The trial date is pushed two weeks into the first week of November. Upon hearing this Michael comes out of his coma, kills all four occupants of the ambulance before escaping and begins to make his way back to Haddonfield. Jamie is de dochter van Michaels jongste zus Laurie Strode.

However, Michael tracks her down and kills her, but cannot find the baby. Loomis and Laurie run to a nearby operating room where Loomis attempts to destroy Michael with a bullet to the head. Movies. Darlene takes Jamie upstairs and runs her a bath.

Dr. Samuel Loomis first appears in the original Halloween (1978). Loomis rushes to the staircase and is horrified to see that Jamie is standing atop the landing holding a pair of bloody scissors, having stabbed Darlene. After being comforted by Rachel, she returns to her room where she privately grieves over the loss of her mother and is then attacked by Michael although it turns out to be a vivid nightmare. Hij ontsnapt echter onderweg en gaat op zoek naar Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris).

He finds Wynn in his office, where Wynn reveals he wants to experiment on Jamie's baby to re-create Michael. Jamie dons her clown mask and approaches her step-mother from behind; a scream is heard from upstairs. While Loomis sacrificed himself in a nitrous oxide gas explosion in Halloween 2, ostensibly offing Michael in the process as well, both he and his former patient were brought back for Halloween 4.

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