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Most US high schools or university games go for 8 minute quarters although this is varied from one state to the other.A basketball game consists of four 10 minute quarters each. A typical game takes approximately 2-3 hours from the start to the end.A college basketball game goes for 40 minutes, and it uses two halves unlike the four quarters in the typical basketball games. 0000003437 00000 n 0000004101 00000 n As of 2013, there is no NFHS-mandated shot clock rule, although eight states have adopted a 35-second shot clock to increase the pace of the game; such state modifications are allowed by the NFHS. A basket by a shooter with both feet behind the arc, known as the three-point line, is worth three points. Not only does the NFHS set rules for game play, it also determines the specifications for the basketball court and equipment used. Like college basketball, the halftime period lasts 15 minutes in the NBA.If the score is tied at the end of regulation, all levels of basketball use an overtime period. 0000013050 00000 n 0000010129 00000 n
High school basketball games at the varsity level are currently four eight-minute quarters. The NFHS has deemed that a regulation-size high school basketball court be 84 feet long and 50 feet wide, with a center line dividing the floor into two equal sections. .The NFHS has a number of rules regarding dribbling and advancing the ball. 0000061113 00000 n Basketball is one of the most commonly played games in high schools. 0000013382 00000 n Just like the NBA, high schools use four quarters although these quarters are shorter. All quarters played shall count toward the maximum allowed. MaxPreps has Professional photography of Arizona High School Basketball teams and games. 0000060704 00000 n This continues until one team wins at the end of an overtime period.James Patterson specializes in health and wellness topics, having written and produced material for the National Institutes of Health, the President's Cancer Panel and an Inc. 500 Hall of Fame company. Under NFHS rules, a team has 10 seconds to advance the ball past the division line at center court, an offensive player cannot dribble or hold the ball for five seconds if a defender maintains legal guarding position throughout and offensive players cannot remain in the free throw lane for three seconds.Much like the game at every other level, baskets are worth one, two or three points. Flagrant and intentional fouls can be called on players for violent or premeditated illegal contact against an opponent; a flagrant foul results in the ejection of the offending player.

Depending on the level of basketball you play, the length of the game can vary widely. Not all basketball games are created equal. A preview may not exceed two quarters for any one player and shall be played according to National Federation Basketball Rules. %PDF-1.7 %���� Participation in 1–6 quarters in a day constitutes participation in a game, and junior high students are limited to one game per day on a school day. MaxPreps - Arizona High School Basketball Rankings, Leaderboards, and Scoreboards. In high school basketball, this overtime period is four minutes. 0000082008 00000 n

Different basketball levels have different play times.

As for college basketball, overtime is awarded if a shot is made during the last minute of the game.To prevent teams from stalling and to speed up the game, they added a shot clock.

a school basketball team, you may not play on any other basketball team during the high school basketball season, but you may play on a volleyball team in an independent league, or on any team other than a basketball team and still be eligible at school for basketball). 1.10) Length of quarters: a. Between the second and the third quarter, there’s a half-time of 10 minutes.In the event there’s a tie between the two teams, 4 minutes overtime is granted and it is added until one of the teams is ahead of the other.A college basketball halftime is 15 minutes just like the NBA games.

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