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Unfortunately, Fantasia set a new low with a dark ritual on “bald mountain” which is the “gathering place of Satan and his minions”.This movie depicts a great summoning of evil spirits and ghosts, along with fiery dancing naked ladies that morph into dancing animals, naked women flying creatures fully exposed.It is amazing how Disney was able to pack it all in one film, but this is literally a ritualistic animated summoning of demons put into art form, marketed as viewing pleasure and art.You see, Satan masks himself as an angel of light and if he is going to start, he is going to start young with a very innocent mind, soaking in images after images of occult practice bringing it to normalcy. "Creature Feature. Either way, the movie follows psychology professor Norman Taylor (Peter Wyngarde), who learns that his wife, Tansy (Janet Blair), is practicing magic. It began in 1988, and most films focus, at least partially, on the character of William Spanner, who is a powerful warlock who fights for good despite having an evil lineage.

!Please bring more, let’s expose the darkness that Satan wants to remain hidden!They also promote scare tactics which produces a whole topic that people have no idea what they are really doing to kids. This will dumb down the moral standards of the young so when they are older they can be introduced to more hard core practices and imagery, up to the point of being lost.It gets worse… it would take too much time to break down every Disney movie, perhaps in the future we will cross reference all the different scenes etc. We are being entertained by people inspired by demons and embedded within what we entertain ourselves with (Disney and others) are curses. Keli is Spanner's Girlfriend in many of the movies, and they are engaged sometime between the tenth and the eleventh movie, but she disappears and is not referred to after the 11th movie. We are being tricked, fooled, thinking that these are innocent pass times and “cute” entertainment for ourselves and little ones.It’s no doubt Disney has been up to some sketchy stuff, but the idea that it’s this extravagant is absurd.The easy way out is to assume innocence.
I am now a born again believer of Jesus Christ but was once deceived into witchcraft. Celebrities.

The 14th–16th movies form a connected trilogy.

Some of it is subliminal with hidden messaging, some of it is based on the movies undertones and themes, and some of it is based on the upfront in your face images and animation.

when it was released in the US, and honestly, that’s a far superior title.
Berkley Boulevard Disney is the MAGIC kingdom, its base theme or premise is witchcraft, magic, and satanism.

The Craft sees the awkward teenage girls strike back, but there is always a price for magic. "Video Reviewer 22 Shots found that the first 4 movies has a small amount of low budget, cheesy charm, the rest of the series " went more exploitative and sleazy" and were only recommended for fans of ultra-low budget films.The series claims to be the longest-running horror movie series.Stanley, John. I thought the same. In other words, do whatever you feel like doing, do not worry about a moral standard, you are the moral standard.Disney has really made its own moral standard, through its cartoons, animation, and movies encouraging disobedience to parents and to authority figures, hyper sexuality, magic, sorcery, and so much more.If you are a parent and your feeding your kids Walt Disney content be sure to read our article on who It all starts with MAGIC KINGDOM. You will see it all.In this write up we will go over several examples of this darkness and how Disney tries influencing our families to live lives of immorality, encouraging a spirit of “do as thou wilt”, which holds the theology of Aleister Crowley who was an occultist and magician who coined the phrase “do as thou wilt”. If you look at the founding of Disney, the founder himself, his inspiration and friends, and walk through on that premise, looking at all the content in these movies, etc. Thanks for the read.Walt Disney, His Inspiration, and Occult Background Despite its longevity, the series is not well regarded, and the AV Club notes that the series "Witchcraft continually relies on the same stock story lines, most often involving a good warlock struggling against trashy temptresses sent by evil warlocks to seduce him to the dark side. The 16th movie takes place in the "real" world and explains the entire movie series, and its recasting of the leads, is a complex plot by Satan to take over the world.


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